about dime savvy, counting pennies grow dollars

About Dime Savvy. Proactive with high-energy approach to building and optimizing daily success. Solid understanding and commitment to do what it takes to get the job done.

Results-driven and industrious with conscientious attention to critical details and big-picture needs. That’s who I am. These are the thoughts that are the architect of Dime Savvy.

About Dime Savvy

Welcome to Dime Savvy. My name is Garnet Smith. I have no clout, special awards, or letters before and after my name. What I have is a life of hardships, challenges and lack. However, I have a determine spirit to change my financial situation.

Do not get me wrong. I am grateful and appreciative of my life experiences. Also, I consider myself bless and fortunate. My life might not have all the things I need and want. However, I have enough to know I am blessed. Still, I recognize there is more. So, I am challenging myself to pursue more.

Dime Savvy is the start of my personal financial journey to independence. Also, I want to help people make smart money decisions. As well as discover opportunities that could help my readers and viewers build wealth. You can choose two ways to experience the journey. Either stay on the sidelines and watch. Or you can become an active participant in the actions.

On a personal note this is to help me build an online income to help me move to Africa. As well as help me to travel the world. So, in the future you can look forward to me sharing travel experiences.

About Dime Savvy People

Dime Savvy is for people who are struggling with basic needs. You never seem to have enough money to pay bills. Much more to take care of your basic needs.

You work minimum wage. Work your ass off every day. Wondering what are you working for? You are not alone. You would be surprised how many people are in your company.

Still, I believe there is hope. It requires sacrifices and a willingness to create new habits. It might seem impossible to become financially independent on minimum wage. However, I am here to test the hypothesis. I can only envision a winning outcome, whichever way it goes.

about dime savvy, counting pennies grow dollars

Let’s talk about Dime Savvy Topics.

Our overarching goal is to share savvy money moves. Divided up into categories and then subcategories as we grow. So, the categories we will explore are.

  1. Savvy money saving tips. Groceries, shopping, emergency savings.
  2. Practical ways to make money. Starting businesses, job opportunities etc.
  3. How to start investing in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds etc.
  4. Farming healthy habits with money. Changing the ways, you see money.

This will be done from my personal experiences. As well as research and challenges. Also, from the contribution of our community.

About Dime Savvy-My why.

My goal is to help people who are struggling financially. With practical tips and strategies to achieving Freedom peace. Personalized challenges that everyone can adopt in their lives.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck. Or you are just working minimum wage and struggling to survive. You will discover smarter and effective ways to make your money stretch farther.

For people who want to start investing but afraid to. I offer my own personal journey about investing my little much. Get the basics on beginners investing money.

My personal favorite of this journey. Is to discover practical and simple steps to make money. Helping anyone who is willing to put the work in to make extra cash.

about dime savvy, counting pennies grow dollars

About Dime Savvy -The Vision.

To create a vibrant environment for people to help each other achieve financial goals. Move people from dream to financial reality. Reshape minds and create new thoughts about money.

Be a Dime Savvy Insider.

Join us on the journey to financial Freedom. Let us learn from each other. Encourage and inspire each other to grow financially healthy. Together we can challenge our present reality. Yes, we can design the future we want.

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