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10 Financial Success Hurdles You Must Overcome To Be Victorious

There are many barriers that stop us from achieving financial success. However, most times it’s what we perceive is the reality of our society. Or what others think about us. Which at times just need us to unlearn and learn better money habits. The best way to overcoming financial success obstacles. To become successful financially requires diligence and nonconformity to societal issues.

Don’t get me wrong. I know these issues are real. It’s also sad that some of these problems are created and put on us. Through laws, biases, injustices or longstanding rules. The fact that there are no equal opportunities for everyone. Makes life more difficult and financial success unachievable for many.

Still, no matter laws, rules or people and your own perception. There is always ways to overcoming barriers to financial success. One way is to know your barriers to achieving financial success. Though some issues may apply to most people. Still, there are unique obstacles you face. Which are influence by your own circumstances.

In this entry I am looking at ten things that challenge your financial success. As well as how to overcome these challenges. Not all will apply to your personal story. However, it’s information that will help you or a friend at some point. Because at least one of these things you will experience at some point. Let’s start the discussion.

Age is one barrier to overcome to enjoy financial success

I am of the belief that when people asked your age. Is to tick off the box to put you in. This also leads to discrimination. Sometimes knowingly and other times innocently. Either way it has the potential to become barriers to your financial success.

How do we get over the age barrier? Please understand this is not just a problem for mature people. It applies to young people as well. Statement such as you are too young, or we are looking for a younger person. This is a sign of age barrier.

This is not just inflicted by others or systems. We do it to ourselves as well. We tell ourselves we are too old. They will think I am inexperienced or too young.

Getting over age barrier is to understand that you are not defined by it. If you are up to the task it shouldn’t matter your age. A couple ways to overcoming age barriers. Is don’t tell it. This can be direct or subtle.

You can do range. For instance, don’t says for the past 30 years. You could say the last 10 years of working. The latter tell the story of youth and experience.

If you are young don’t say the past 6 months I have worked at. You could say my time working at. This gives experience and lack the specifics of age.

I am not suggesting lying about it. What I am saying is to get through the door. After that present your case in person. This can apply to job applications and other systems that heavily define by age.

Age is a number that most times doesn’t really affects your everyday function. Also, I think you are as young as your body allows you. So, why should age matter in achieving financial goals.

financial success, overcoming, victorious

People define us by our Environment

Unfortunately, many of us suffer discrimination because of our environment. Your opportunities are limited to where you are from. It’s not right but it’s the hard truth.

So, communities are labels or even countries. Calling countries third world is negative labeling. Calling communities low income or ghetto is rooted in discrimination. It put people who lives in these places at risk of not getting opportunities. Or a fair shot as other people who lives in places that are seen as better.

Get over this by consistently rejecting the narrative that is projected on the community. Rise above it by excelling at the highest level. This doesn’t have to be at some complicated stuff. But do what you love and passionate about. Just go a bit further and be better than everyone else.

Sometimes coming together as a community to re-brand its image will work. Helping people to commit to uplifting and building up the community. These might seem like big project. However, it just requires one person to stand and start doing good.

Even though change is possible. Sometimes the best change is to move out of the environment. That maybe the best and easiest option. Still, it’s not always an option for everyone. So, you just have work around your own narrative. Dreams nor success is not confine to specific conditions or environment. Anything is possible when you combine believe, perseverance and smarts.

How to get over economic status to financial success.

It’s a sad reality that’s status is a built-in system in society. Countries across the world have systems of injustices and unfair advantages. What is ridiculous about these systems is that it gives people who don’t need it the advantage.

Still, I think you can get over economic biases. It requires partnership to create connections that last. What I realize is that people form perceive ideas as to who you are. However, the moment you are in their presence. You can create who you truly are in their mind.

Life sometimes makes it seems like some people have built in advantages. However, I don’t think that’s the case. Some people can find the right connections when it matters. Also, have an eye to see opportunities and pursue it. A big factor too is that successful people have a don’t quit mentality.

One of best way to overcome economic barriers is to start by renewing your mind. Our mindsets and beliefs set the stage for success or the constant cycle of failure. It might seem simple but sometimes that’s what you need to start your journey to financial success.

financial success, overcoming, victorious

Ethnicity plays into the unfair biases within society.

The way of the world is to judge base on outward appearance. For some reason we don’t have the patience or grace to judge people base on the content of who they are. It’s easier for us to group people by ethnicity and label them.

This kind of behavior is lazy, hateful and a misguided approach to classified people. This have led to advantages for groups of people consider better or superior. Which is bullshit and is inflicted by those who don’t know their own self-worth.

However, you can get over this by not allowing it to define how you pursue financial freedom. It’s not something to focus on. Because if you do, it leaves you feeling a sense of why bother. Also, this will make you feel like hating everything around you. This would make you worse than those who practice it.

It’s hard to push pass the disadvantages set against your ethnicity. Still, it possible with perseverance and understanding who you are. Let no one define your actions. Set your standards and measurements to pursues financial success.

You can also take courage in the fact that they are not better than you. They are just given the advantage to be materially better. Still, the willpower and tenacity are build in you to overcome any unfair advantages. Chin up, you have more value and power than you think to be successful.

Beliefs is a huge problem to achieving financial success.

Your beliefs system plays a big role in your financial health. If you believe you are born to be poor. It means you allow yourself to be poor unknowingly. Sometimes your actions don’t matter if your beliefs are not aligned with it.

To overcome the barriers of your beliefs. You must unlearn these ideas to learn the things that matters. You do yourself no justice when you think success is for some people. My friend success is unique to who you are. Also, how willing you are to operate outside of your comfort zone.

Define what success looks like to you. Not from your present limitations. But from the greatness of your heart. It doesn’t mean you will accomplish everything you dream of. That’s not important. What’s important is that you reach for it. You will realize some measure of success.

Some beliefs are enslavement and keep you trapped in unhealthy realities. Any ideas or thoughts that don’t challenge your capacity or comfort. These thoughts you need to get rid of. These are things that keep you an average performer. Fight thoughts that make you feel less than or you are not good enough.

financial success, overcoming, victorious

Excessive and impulsive money behaviors

Bad money habits destroy any goals for financial freedom. Excessive spending only leads to waste and financial hardship. Impulsive money habits support unhealthy behaviors. Which is not sustainable.

To overcome excessive and impulsive money behaviors. You must put measures in place that keep you accountable. Limit the moneys you have readily available. Carry debit and credit card that have built in limits.

This is not being or treated like a child. It’s putting responsible measures in place. For you to reach financial independence you must set boundaries to safeguard your future.

However, for you to be effective you must recognize there is a problem. Not just that, but you must own it and take responsibility. Even if you think things or people contributed to the behavior.

Unrealistic expectations crush any hope of financial success.

Many people live with unrealistic expectations. Most wouldn’t even think it is unrealistic and unattainable. Because most time we think is worth having dreams. However, dreams and ideas are thoughts hoping for a better tomorrow.

The unrealistic expectations are making financial goals that we know are not attainable. It maybe because of time, lacking resources and virtually impossible. These goals destroy your hope of financial freedom.

When your plans are unrealistic, they have the potential to hurt you emotionally. It can be depressing and demotivating not to realize your goals. This will even make you feel as if there is no need to try again.

Get over unrealistic expectations by making reachable and specific goals. If you have a goal and struggle to find the elements to pull it off. It means this is out of your scope and may even be unrealistic. Goals are not dreaming, but a pathway to future reality.

Set goals from your present reality and then try to achieve more. So, you will accomplish the goal with the possibility of bonus. The great thing about this is that you will achieve the goal because it’s attainable. It’s always best to set your goals below or within your reach. This way you ensure it is accomplished.

Financial illiteracy is the gateway to empowering financial success.

One of the biggest barriers to financial health is financial illiteracy. Many of us don’t have our finances in order because we just don’t know how to. Knowledge is the potential power to meaningful change. When you don’t have it. This means the potential to change decreases considerably.

To get over financial illiteracy get access to financial blogs and publications. You can even take a course to know the basic. Also, there are many books to empower yourself to reach financial independence.

It might seem difficult at first. However, it get easier the more you learn. Also, if you are not the reading type you can find many YouTube videos to help you with the basics. Sometimes these are easier to digest. Because they are people like you sharing their experiences and knowledge.

financial success, overcoming, victorious

Your 9 to 5 is a box to contain financial success.

This might not be for everyone. However, if you are in a 9 to 5, feeling trapped, purposeless and uninspired. This means your 9 to 5 is not challenging the greatness of your potential. Which means it might be time to plan your exit.

Getting over this, doesn’t mean you immediately walk. Even though it might require exactly that at times. You need to plan it, when you have the luxury of time. In the meantime, do these things to cope, while you plan your exit.

Learn something new. It can be at work or outside of work. At work you could keep it interesting by going in at different times. If this is available, you could work remotely some days. Find new ways to make work interesting and less mundane.

Outside of work get involved with things that get you creativity. Start a new hobby. Get involved in getting better as a complete person. Doing these things will refocus your appetite for more. It also excites your day and gives you something to look forward to.

Getting over your 9 to 5 requires planning and organizing what to do after. Many of us cannot work 9 to 5 to achieve financial freedom. Simple means we must plan on doing other things outside of our regular work.

It can be a hobby or something totally new. But to have financial success you need to have side hustles. The first one might not work out. But don’t just give up, keep trying again and again. Something will work at some point.

Your addictions are stubborn habits that makes financial success an illusive dream.

This might not be you but most of us have problems with addiction. It doesn’t have to be about drugs. You might be addicted to shopping, tech gadgets, sex, television and many more things. It doesn’t matter the addiction there is some money value to it.

Some addiction make you spend money. While others cause you to lose money because you are not being productive. Being addicted to something is never easy to get over. However, you must decide whether your future is important. Because what you do today affect tomorrow.

You must get professional help. Still, there are small things you could put in place. One being, having an accountability system. This can be a person or some type of application. Bad habits are stubborn. So, you need consistency, determination and willingness to fight. You need also, to badly want change.

One or two times will not get you free from the problem. Which means you have to keep trying. Also, sometimes it’s less about the method but the action and attitude. Don’t lose hope, keep things positive.

Getting over on addiction means you give yourself the opportunity to succeed financially. One sure win is that you stop wasting money. Even though it will be difficult, in the end you reap the benefits.

That’s A Wrap on financial success Savvy Dimers.

I am sure there are many more ways to overcoming obstacles to your finance success. So, I would love to hear your thoughts. Remember this is a discussion. Not telling you I am right. I am more interested in starting the discussion.

Let’s hear about your barriers to financial success. How you overcome the obstacles to your financial situation? Like, share and comments. Let’s continue the dialogue.

You are the master of your money. It’s not about how much you have or earn. It’s your ability to do more with less money. Make your money go farther by counting your dime.

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