How To Make A Blog In 2020 The Best Guide To Start A Blog

It was the summer of 2014 when I started my first blog. Having move to US in the winter of 2014. Feeling bored and lacked the opportunity to work legally. I was inspired to start a blog. After coming across a post about how to make a blog.

It started with me being bored. I started to research online for ideas. Came across WordPress blogging. I thought why not try this thing. Foreign to everything WordPress. Those days I make some of the worse mistakes.

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Back Story Why I Start A Blog.

At the time I was an international student here in the US. As a student you are not legally able to work. Mostly, if you are a freshman. So, making a blog was my way of staying busy.

That was about 6 years ago when I make my first blog. Stop for about a year in between. Because of circumstances out of my control. Still, I never thought I would last this long, but I did.

Today, I am still as inspired and loving it, as then. When I started, I did not have a clue how to make a blog. But I keep at it. Improving with every post I created. You do not need to be a professional writer to start. You will get better with time.

When You Start A Blog You Are Going to Make Mistakes, but You Will Get Better.

When I started my blog, I made a lot of mistakes. I remember one day reading something I had post and thought, this is terrible. Honestly, it was horrible writing. Looking back, I can say I have come a far way.

Still, learning to better the art of my writing. I do not think you have to make the same mistakes I made. There are plenty of information, guides, and courses to help you design a successful blog.

I do not know your story. Or why you want to start a blog. However, I think you are in the right place. In this post I am going to teach you all you need know to start. Giving you the best tools and tips on how to make a blog.

When you are through reading this post. You should know how to make a blog with minimal help. Also, grow and develop your blog to some level of success.

What Is A Blog.

A blog is writings that are informal, personal, and conversational pieces. With the purpose of promoting causes, products, and services. Also, it is used mostly to build personal branding. As well as to showcase one’s skills and expertise.

Blogs are also about building influence and trust. Developing online communities around key issues. People start blogs out of love and passion for a cause or hobbies.

These days people create blogs to make money as well. It’s a great freedom tool for self-expressions. Exploring creativity, passion, and advocacy.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

Why Start a Blog.

Blogs are versatile and flexible in nature. There are personal, business, organization, and nonprofit blogs. People creates blogs to encourage. Motivate and help people to keep going.

As well as the potential to make money blogging. You can achieve a lot of success with a blog. If you dear to challenge yourself. Creating a blog will help you build your personal brand.

It empowers you to lend your voice to building up people. It unpacks, expose, grows and polished your passions and creativity. You blog because you are passionate and crazy about something or an idea.

Start A Blog Because You Have A Story.

If the only reason why you should start a blog is that you have a story worth telling. The trouble is most of us do not think so. Still, you never know, unless you are willing to try.

Blogging can be rewarding and truly fulfilling. When done with the right motivate. However, all of this will not make sense. If you go in thinking it is going to be easy.

To Start A Blog You Need The Blogger Mindset.

Being a blogger, you need to have a certain type of mindset. I believe you as a blogger cannot be afraid to share your opinions. Be honest about it and own them as yours.

You are okay with talking about your personal experiences. Being your biggest fan will prove important at times. Sometimes this might be the only motivation you need to keep going.

Be not fool by others success. The blogging business can be a long road. To any type of success. It is a lonely and difficult one too.

Bloggers Have These Traits.

Bloggers possess confidence, honesty, and patience. They are determined and have what it takes to help others. Other things that are important. Your authentic voice. Content originality and creative style.

At this point you might be saying this is not for me. Because it seems difficult and complicated. I will tell you it takes effort. However, it gets better the more you practice. Why not give yourself a chance by trying? Link with me and I will get you started.

Let’s Get To How to Make A Blog.

Now that the introduction is out of the way. Let’s get into the real deal on how to make a blog. I will make it as extensively as possible. Covering from start to finish on how to make a blog.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

How to Make a Blog – What’s Your Blog About?

Brainstorming ideas – discovering your passion, expertise, and your niche.

You might have heard just start. Even though I get the point, I do not agree. I think if a let more people was intentional about blogging. There might be more successful bloggers around.

My approach is going to be different. It is not about getting you to just blog about something. It’s a complete guide on how to make a blog and positioning your blog for success.

Finding What Start A Blog About.

Firstly, you need to figure out what you like. Write down what you love to write, read, talk about and watch. Make note of similarities as you go along.

Write your experiences, such as your skills and knowledge. What you love to do in your spare time, such as your hobbies. What your friends think you are good at.

What are you passionate about? If there is only one thing you could do? What would that be? What type of job you do and dream of doing?

Look for the common themes.

Look for the common themes between experiences, skills, jobs, and dream job. How are your hobbies, passion and what your friends think you are good at, similar?

Make two groups. All the things that are related and everything else that stand on its own. From the groups make a list of everything you really enjoy doing.

From your list if there are only 2 things you could do. What would it be from your list? Forget the money value. Just think of which 2 would make you happy and excited. As well as sharing your joy to the world.

Discover the Big Ideas from the 2 Things You Choose.

Combine both things and break these down into small bits. List ideas from different angle. Ask yourself questions such as. How would you build the story around your passions? What value could you offer? How would you grow and expand your value?

Then you want to measure your mood doing this. Were you having difficulty figuring out the value? Were you stress thinking about how to build your stories? Did you struggle to find ideas to grow your value? Measure your confidence about writing and sharing your ideas to the world.

Discover It or Start Over.

From the exercise above you should by now know what you are going to blog about. You should feel confident and excited about the journey. Also, ideas must be popping in your head at the start.

You must feel comfortable with your choice. See the prospect to becoming successful. If you cannot see or feel the things I mention. Start over the process until you get it.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

Expanding Your Passion.

Now that you have found what you are going to blog about. It is time to expand on it. Break it down into topics and then group these into categories.

Decide on the how to help people with your content. What is your unique angle to deliver quality? What would you need personally to get it done? How are you going to stay relevant and excited?

Answering these questions will help you plan long term success. You will not get it all in one sitting. It requires time, effort, and passion to find your niche. Being determined and persistent will get you right recipe to building a successful blog.

How to Make a Blog – Value

Proof test your brainstorming results – evaluating the size, saturation, scalability, and the need.

Now that you have come up with your niche. A few topic ideas to create your blog around. You want to evaluate the scalability of these topics. As well as finding profitable keywords. To Help position your blog to make money in the future.

Personally, I use these tools to check the value, volume, ease of positioning my blog for a keyword. These are Serpstat, Chrome search engine with keyword everywhere, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker and Moz. After checking my keywords, I look for consistency between these resources.

So, you want to look for the volume of search. Also, the value of the keyword. As well as the challenges to get on the front page of Google. Then consistency with search volume across the platform. From this you can decide how to choose your niche. Or topics to blog about.

What you choose must base on. Keywords search volume, the money value and ranking in search.

  1. Serpstat
  2. Keyword Everywhere
  3. Ubersuggest,
  4. Wordtracker
  5. Moz
  6. SEMrush’s

How to Make a Blog – Blueprints

Choosing your niche from blog value research – write clear goals to achieve, deeper research to break down in categories and finding 100 keywords to write your blogs about.

After choosing the best possible niche to position your blog. Use the same tools above to dig even deeper to find related keywords. From this you want to break down your niche into categories.

Doing this make it easier and manageable to create content. You can setup yourself for success. If you can come up with a 100 Keyword topics in your niche. Dividing these evenly across your categories.

I recommend that you do not create more than 4 categories. Less is easier to manage and maintain. You can add more as you grow. To organize, expand and structure your content.

Decide Why You Want To Start a Blog.

Now I think it is time for you to decide why you want a blog. Why this is needed? Because you will get discourage. You need a reason to keep going. You might be wondering why this was not at the beginning. You know what, I just remember that is why it is here, just joking.

The real reason is that you need a vision. Also, goals for your blog. After going through what you are passionate about. Finding your niche. You now need the why. Without purpose or the why. You are destiny to stop or fail.

So, write your why done. It could be because you want to share your knowledge. You love to help others. Maybe it is about inspiring and motivating people. It could be you seeking an avenue to express yourself.

Do not forget about making extra side income. Whatever the why is. Know it is important to your blog success. Still, try not to get catch up with making money. Unfortunately, this might seriously take years to make lots of money.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

When You Start A Blog You Need A Vision and Goals.

Now that you know your why or why’s. It is time to write the vision for your blog success. Also, creating realistic, actionable, and achievable goals. This will help you better articulate the purpose of your blog. Also, what you hope to achieve. This should include the audience you are looking to serve.

Consider the demographics and age group. Even ethnicity and the need you hope to meet. Plan how you will achieve your goals. Write down what needs to change to get it done. How you need to adjust your life to do it. Your blog success will depend on how intentional you are.

How to Make a Blog – Branding

Choosing a name – create a name, choose colors, design a logo and make a tagline around your main Keywords if possible.

Finding the perfect name for your blog.

Now that you figure out what you are blogging about. The purpose of your blog. It is time to think about a name. I intentionally put finding a name here. Because all the steps before will help you choose one.

Which would preferably be unique to your niche. Sometimes it might not be possible. But it worth coming up with name that reflect you. As well as easily identify what you are doing.

I personal try to do it this way. Come up with names that gives on idea of what my blog is about. Write down six names at most, if possible. Then, say the names out a loud.

Listen to how each sound. How the names look on paper. How it looks on a computer screen in big font. You can try out free logo tools to see the look of it. After doing this you are bound to come out with a favorite.

Still not sure if that is the right one. Now, get your close friends in on the action. It would be better if you have not talk to them about starting a blog. Show them the names you came up with. Then ask them which name they like. What they do not like. If each name tells a story.

After this you should have at least three clear favorites. Your favorite should be a part of it. Now you can go to your family. Or that one person you trust with your life. Ask them what they think. Examine all that was said. The differences. Then choose base on what your gut is telling you.

How to Make a Blog slogan.

You do not necessarily need to do this. However, it can be used to create your blog identity. Especially if your blog name does not reflect what you are doing. Keep it simple and short. I think your slogan should represent your mission statement. Or a promise to your audience.

These are few tools you can use to come up with a slogan. You can also, using the same method for the blog name above as well. Make sure whatever you decide as your slogan. You will deliver on your promise.

Designing logo and choose colors.

Your blog logo is your identity online. It can either set you apart from everybody. Or make you look like everyone else. So, you want uniqueness and simplistic. But still holding its own. You do not need to be a graphic designer to make a logo.

There are a host of logo creators online that can help you to do it yourself. These are the list of the application I have use. The first three are my favorite. Some of these you must paid to download your logo. Also, to get the highest quality version of your logo you will need to pay.

  1. Looka logo
  2. Placeit
  3. Brand Crowd

Logo Best Practices.

When creating your logo, it best to stick to 2 or 3 colors. The less the better. Make sure your color choice complements each other. This also helpful if you understand the meaning of colors. The psychology of colors. This helps with how you would like your brand to be perceived.

If you do not have time for that you could ask a professional. Just know it cost a whole lot more, than doing it yourself. Also, I think it make sense to establish yourself somewhat. Before investing large amount cash.

You can also use the same method as coming up with the blog name. Design multiple logos. Then initiate a vetting process to choose the best name.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

How To Make a Blog – Pre-launch

Write at least 10 blog post – from your choice of Keywords to be ready for launching your own blog, research titles, find pictures.

One of the mistakes I made when I first start blogging. Was not writing content beforehand. So, I would suggest that you write at least ten blog post. Before pushing your blog live. You set yourself up for success if this. Still, you can start with 1 or no blog post. The idea is to just start a blog.

Get a second pair of eyes. The more the better. To read through your content. It is easier to pick up mistakes when a fresh set of eyes read it. Having pre-written content will help you keep the momentum going. While you develop more content.

Also, what can help long term. Is brainstorming possible sub-topic from your main categories. Write these down. Then research possible titles for each topic. Good place to come up with blog post titles. Also, testing your titles are listed below.

  1. CoSchedule
  2. Headliner Analyzer

Go even further. Research photos to use with each blog titles you create. Doing some of the leg work before. Will certainly set you up for success. This also, help you put your blog in auto mode. Where you have content, ideas prepped. Ready to roll out.

How to Make a Blog – Pre-Structure

Implementation stage – choose blogging platform, buy your domain name, choose hosting.

A Guide To Start a Blog and Growing

You have the foundation of how to make a blog. Now you need to implement pillars on your foundation. In this section we are going look at choosing your blog platform. Also, buying your domain and get hosting for your blog. This is your blog pre-structure to going live to the world.

Choosing which platform to start a blog.

This will depend on what your goal is for your blog. Do you want more control? Are you looking for a free option? Is your goal to turn your blog into a business? Maybe it is a hobby. Knowing these things will help you choose wisely.

If you need control, flexibility and versatility I would recommend WordPress.org. However, with this option you need to get web hosting. Still, this could turn out to be the best decision you made when you start a blog.

Then there is WordPress.com which gives you free and paid blogging access. However, the free and lower paying tiers comes with limitation. Still, this can be a good choice because you get most things taken care of.

You do not have to worry about technical things. Such as hosting, and server. Watch this 5-minute video below. Explaining the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

There are other platforms you can choose from which are free and paid. But these limit ownership and customization. You can check out Blogger, Medium, Svbtle, LiveJournal, Weebly, Postach.io, Ghost, and Tumblr. Most of these, if not all lack the versatility and flexibility of WordPress.org. However, your decision should base on what you want to achieve with your blog.

Buying your domain name To Start A Blog.

Even if you choose to go the route of free blogging. I recommend that you still buy your domain. You never know what will happen with blogging. So, it would be wise to get a domain name register and keep it. Just in case you decide to switch later. This will ensure you keep the brand. If you decide to move from free to paid hosting.

There are many places you can buy a domain name. However, I would recommend Namecheap or Google Domain. I suggest these because I personal use these domain registries.

You can get your blog name register for $12 or less. If you are going with the extension .com. It is best to go with .com because it is much more recognizable. Also, the default in people’s mind.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

How to buy your blog domain at Namecheap.

Head over to name cheap type in your blog name and add the .com extension to the cart. Then you are going to check it out. Follow the steps below.

Google Domain.

Head to Google domains, type your blog name in the search box. Then it will give you a list of extensions to choose from. However, you are going to choose .com. This is the preferred extension. Follow the step below to acquire your domain name from Google.

When You Start A Blog You Need Hosting.

If you choose WordPress.org. Then you most certainly need web hosting. There is a long list of hosting companies you can choose from. Still, from my own experiences. I will recommend the few that works for me over the years.

Currently, I am testing Google cloud for the websites I own. However, this require some technical skill and patience. It takes me a couple days to understand the simple things. Still, if you are up to the challenge you can try Google cloud.

They will even give you $300 credit to start your project. I can help you get started with hosting your WordPress on Google Cloud.

These are my honest recommendations. Site Ground and Fast Comet are shared hosting. With respectable delivery of 98% on promise. Their customer service is excellent. However, I will give Fast Comet the edge in customer service.

WordPress Engine and Kinsta are managed host. They take care of the back-end for you. These cloud hosting services use Google cloud. Follow the steps below when you decide which one is best for you. Has always remember I am here to help. What to Start a blog you can start with one these hosting company.  Site Ground, Fast Comet,  WordPress Engine, and,Kinsta

There are many other hosting companies I have tried but will not recommend these. I will not mention their names here. If you stick with the 4, I suggested above. I am certain you will be taken care of.

How to Make a Blog – Design.

How to make a blog – choose themes, get core plugins, create categories, pages, menu, upload posts and adding branding asset.

Now you basically have everything you need to push your blog live. It is time to choose your design and plugins. Also, organizing your blog by creating categories and pages. Time to upload you blog branding assets. Also, publish a few posts.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy


Blog themes are the easiest way to design your blog. You also have the option to hire a web designer to do a custom design. However, I would recommend starting with a per-build theme. Reasons being you can find affordable and free ones to start with.

Also, you are just starting out. You do not know how successful you will be. Neither will you know the type of design you really need. So, try and test multiple designs first. To better position yourself to make the best decision.

There are many available themes which can become overwhelming. Still, it can be easier and manageable if you stick to premium theme. Also, clean, simple, practical, and professional ones. Here are few places you can get good theme to start with.



You purchase your blog theme, download the zip file and upload to your WordPress site.

Plugins I would Recommend.

I tried so many plugins when I just started but I want to recommend Jetpack because it basically comes with all you will need to start out. This would help you settle down. Also, get comfort with trying other plugins. To create the look and feel of your blog.

If you ready though to start with some of better plugin for specific purpose, other than Jetpack, I will suggest a few that I use that is great, some of them are paid and some are free. Let me point out that Jetpack offer free and premium.

This comes with a full suite of all you need to get started. Now for individual plugins that are for specific purpose, I will just mention a few of the ones I personal use. I recommend these because they work great.


How to Make a Blog – Soft Launch

Prove test your blog creation- examine your blog on different screens. Read, edit, invited familiar eyes and tweaks design to your desired look.

You can soft launch your blog at this stage. At this point you should get eyes on it. Preferably friends, family and any social following you have. You want to get them to critic and assess your blog. Your writings, blog design and the appeal of it.

Make sure they know you are ok with their opinions and observations. No matter what it might be. Base on the criticism from familiar eyes on your blog. You should apply the recommendations that are practical.

Unfortunately, not all comments are going to practical. Also, sometimes an idea sounds good. But it might not be for your blog. Most of all know your goals. Then use the opinions to help you achieve it.

Test on multiple screens.

Your readers experience is crucial to your overall success. Make sure to test how your blog looks on multiple screens. Sometimes the blog looks great on a large screen. However, it is crappy and untidy on small screens.

If you do not get anything right. Make sure your blog is mobile ready. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. So, if you want to be relevant to this audience. You need to be smartphone friendly.

How to Make A Blog – Optimization.

Making your blog people friendly – speed test, edit design, compress, and combine files, add CDN delivery, update and delete plugins and files that’s not needed.

In this phase of how to make a blog. You are going to handle some basic blog SEO. To be able to get organic traffic. Your blog needs to be attractive to search engines, such as Google.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy


How to make a blog – Test Your Blog Page Speed.

Firstly, you want head over to Google Page Speed, Gt Metrics and Pingdom. You want to test your blog speed with these 3 applications. I suggest using all three. I feel you get a more comprehensive results by using all three.

From the speed test you will get a hand full of things to work on. You might not be able to fix all the recommended suggestions. However, getting the simple things out of way will help.

Sometimes just deleting or changing a plugin could do the trick. For starters I recommend using properly coded theme and plugins. This will help with your blog search engine optimization.

How to make a blog – Content Delivery Network.

Another great asset to your blog SEO is CDN. What is CDN? In short, it’s a content delivery system or network. This takes some of the pressure off your blog server.

So, it helps to serve your static files to your readers. Doing this by using the location closer to them as distribution points. This ensures that your content is served quickly to your audience.

If you are just starting out as a blogger. You might need help with some of the most technical issues. There are couple ways to get the help you need. You can hire a freelance. There are some hosting companies that will help as well.

You can also use a managed hosting service. They will almost do all the heavy lifting. Or you can start learning and do it yourself. There is so much information out there to properly school you. On how to make a blog. Some free, some paid. Whichever direction you take. All I am saying is that there is help everywhere you turn.

How To Make A Blog Official Launch?

Introducing your blog – setting up social media accounts, tell webmasters about your blog, publish posts on social media, set up analytics.

Officially launching your blog. Do these things to ensure some success. Introduce your blog to the world. Set up social media accounts if you want to have it different from your personal account.

Please do not try to be on all social media platforms. This can become challenging fast. Also, a total waste of time and unmanageable. Stick to two or three and give it your all.

Do not get me wrong. If you have the skills or the money to hire someone. Then by all means get on as many platforms as you can. But I would say do it in stages. So, it doesn’t overwhelm you or become unmanageable.

Talk to webmasters

Now you must engage webmaster to get organic traffic. This might not show results immediately. However, if done right. You are on your way to success.

I personally engage with Google and Microsoft. Connect your blog to their consoles. List your site maps and watch the magic happens.

You also, want to setup Google analytics. Or you can choose other options that are less intrusive. There are some that care about people’s privacy. You can also check these one’s that are similar to Google analytics.

Double check everything and delete plugins you are not using. Update everything you are using. Look for grammar errors. You might not catch everything but keep at it. To be successful at blogging it’s a slow and long game.

Staying focused on your vision and development – keep writing, stay encouraged, continue editing, learning, scaling, test and challenge your skills and vision.

Now what? You have launched your blog and fine tune everything. Now you improve, edit, experiment, and adjust to stay relevant. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Slowly become on expert in your niche. Also, learn the basics of WordPress blogging.

One thing you must perfected is how to stay motivated. It is a lonely road to achieving a successful blog. Learn to motivate yourself. Look for ways that inspire your creativity. Challenge your expertise, test new ways of thinking. Try different approach to building and growing your blog.

Write different styles of post. Test everything to find your sweet spot. Because not everything that works for someone else, will work for you. Be different, creative, original, and thorough.

How To Make A Blog, start a blog, dime savvy

That’s A Wrap on How to Make A Blog.

This has been my take on how to make a blog. Create on engaging experience. A space that encourages, motivates, and inspires people to do more. Do not be tempted to win fast with shadow tactics. Slowly make your name and build your blog authority. Raise up a vibrant community who is aware.

Anybody can be successful. What matters is, can you keep and maintain the success. Are you ready to create your blog? Follow these steps and you will get it done. Or you can choose to get the experts to do it for you.

Lean in, ask question, and listen. Embrace the unconventional. Be yourself. Test the boundaries of your obstacles. You could inspire and motivate with your story. Start a blog today and get paid doing it.

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