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How To Save Money On Groceries 7 Ways To Be Smart

Living in NYC can be a eye opener as to how everything is expensive. Basic foods are no exception. For this reason, you must find ways how to save money on groceries. It’s not only about eating out that is expensive. It is buying food at your neighborhood supermarkets.

Also, you will quickly notice the price difference from borough to borough. With Manhattan being the most expensive. Only God knows, the real reason behind the differences. I personally do not get the jack up prices, because it is a sort after place. This is not only wrong but unsustainable.

To be honest I don’t know how long New York City can maintain these expensive living. At some point people are going to move out in droves. Finding more inexpensive options. Quality living for their hard-earned money.

It is impractical and dumb not to have some control. How people and businesses price goods and services in this country. Real estate in this city is beyond crazy. So, it’s understandable that will affect everything. Rent is sky high.

Finding quality food at good prices is not a thing in this city. I realize a few things over the years of living in New York City. I am going to look at 7 ways how to save money on groceries. This has been my experiences in NYC. However, I believe it can be applied anywhere.

How to Save Money on Groceries -Shop on specific days of the week.

I frequent a couple of supermarkets since I have been living here. With three of these being my main go to food store. Doing this because there prices are reasonable. Organic and fresh food are available always. However, apart from that they have rewards programs which give steep discounts. At least two out of three does.

Still, what is even more attractive. On specific days you will find some of best deals. Sometimes more than 50% off. For instant I only buy organic chicken. So, I wait for those specific days to buy. Which means I save big on quality meat.

I also discovered shopping for groceries on Tuesdays and Thursdays are far cheaper than the other days. However, it might be different days for other places. You can test your local grocery store to see if they have specific days to discount items.

how to save money on groceries, grocery shopping

How to Save Money on Groceries -Join your supermarket rewards program

One of the best ways how to save on groceries is to join your supermarket rewards program. It doesn’t cost anything and gives you special savings on many items. I am not talking about a store credit card. Just a simple rewards program card.

Some of these cards give you discounts for other things as well, such as gas. How it works is that you sign up get your card. Use it each time you shop by scanning it at check out. This way you are building up loyalty points which can be use towards your grocery purchases.

Not only that, but you get special discounts and deals because you are a preferred shopper. You might say it doesn’t save a lot of money. However, on Dime Savvy we are about the counting pennies which adds up over time.

You would be surprised how much that can be if you monitor it.  Still, no matter how small, it worth it. Because it practically cost you nothing. Plus, you are getting savings on items you need.

How to Save Money on Groceries -Make use of coupons

Couponing might seem like a painstaking process. However, when don’t right you can reap big. My Couponing is not the excessive type. Still, this will require some effort on your part. I think you need to do couponing smart to really reap the benefits.

Do not buy 5 of the same items to save a dollar just because you can. Especially if you know you might not use it all before it goes bad. So, you must make smart choices when it comes to couponing.

However, my couponing is limited to digital and store weekly circulation. I think these are more direct and easier to sort through. The store weekly circulation is useful because you get to see what’s on special. Which means you can plan, ahead of time.

Apart from the weekly specials they will have coupons tuck away in different areas of the circulator. Sometimes these offer some pretty good deals. You don’t need to be excessive when it comes to couponing. Be smart and strategic how you use coupons.

how to save money on groceries, grocery shopping

How to Save Money on Groceries – Don’t buy excess.

I know you have heard to buy in bulk and save. I do not think that is the best way for all. I am all for bulk buying when you can pool with your neighbors, family, or friends to buy bulk and then share it up.

This is the problem I see buying in bulk. You spend a lot more money each trip to the store. Still, that might not be a problem if you are not going regularly. However, it’s a problem when things spoils. Or using it in excess because you have a lot.
These reasons might not seem like a big issue for you. Still, do a comparison to buying in bulk and buying the amount that last shorter period. See what you save or how much more you spend on bulk items.

Buying in bulk is convenient, save you from multiple trips per month to the store. But you must weigh the benefits against the savings, if there is any.
My experiences with buying bulk is that I end up wasting by throwing out old items. Things get stale. Also, after a while I need to change my diet.

However, if bulk buying works for you, go for it. I think it works out great when you have a large family. As well as buying stuff like detergent and items with long shelf life. Still, be smart, excess can lead to waste most time.

Don’t buy it because it’s on sale.

I think, this is where most of us waste money. Is buying things because it’s on sale. I have done this many time before. Only to realize I didn’t need the item. Going to the supermarket and seeing something for 70% less than usual. Can be enticing to buy it.

Another one is, ‘it’s only 99 cents so I can get it’. Don’t buy things because it looks cheap for the money. Or because you getting a huge discount. Only buy items because you need it. Remember losing pennies adds up quicker than you can save a penny.

Also, a sale doesn’t mean you can’t get it cheaper somewhere else. I like to do my own research when I go to the supermarket. This is where your smartphone comes in handy. In a second you can see if a sale item is a win for you.

Also, do not buy it blindly, look when the item expires. Most often items are on sale because these are close to expiration date or even expired. I don’t encourage buying expired products because there is a reason an expired date exists.

Even when you are told it still good for consumption. Only buy things which is close to expiration if you are going to use it right away. All sales are not equal. Not everything on sale is worth buying. Do your research before opening your wallet.

how to save money on groceries, grocery shopping

How To Save Money On Groceries – Buy once a week, biweekly or monthly.

There are people who still goes to the store everyday. You might do this for various reasons. However, I believe there are ways around your circumstances. Because buying food item daily cost more money and time.

It makes sense to make a list of what is needed.  Either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and shop accordingly. You save money and time. Limiting the amount of time, you grocery shopping gives you valuable time to do other things.

This also helps with making your life run a little smoother. Also, allow you to plan ahead with meal preparation. One best way to do this is to make a list of the things you use most. Then buy these weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Not sure of your reasons for needing to buy groceries daily. However, I think you can probably find a better way if you want to.

How to Save Money on Groceries -Buy fresher and newer.

You might ask how buying fresher and newer products save money. Still, with saving money you need to look long-term as well. Doing this, ensure the items last longer and you are getting the best quality for your money.

Also, I want to believe that the fresher and newer the item is the better it is for your well-being. After all this is going into your body. In the long-term good health save you from seeing the doctor and buying medications. This save you money.

Now you know how to save money on groceries. You can find out how invest the change in uncertain times.

That’s a Wrap Savvy Dimers on how to save money on groceries.

These are just 7 ways I think you can save money on grocery shopping. I am pretty sure there are many more ways. So, do your own research. To find what specific to your location and favorite grocery store.

You can save on practically anything. It just requires some effort on your part. What are some of the ways you save on groceries? Do you have days or supermarkets that you get the best deals?

How about sharing your best ideas on how the rest of us can save money on groceries? Add your voice in comments below. Like and share this content if you find it helpful. Happy shopping and saving money.

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