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5 Smart Financial Goals You Need At 20 Something For Success

When you are in your 20 something you feel invincible and invisible at the same time. You will hear ‘you are young’. The famous one is ‘you have time’. ‘You must be seen but not heard.’ All that “bullshit.” I wish someone had told me how to make smart financial goals and plan my life.

If you were not told those things. Good for you. I heard it too often. I would have love if someone step outside their comfort zone and give me some real talk. We will not admit it. But we all live in fail societies. Where humans do not know how to elevate the next generation. Or lift the next generation on their shoulders.

I know when people tell you those things, they have good intentions. However good the intentions were. It was not anything helpful towards your future. I now realizing how much I live in a world of conforming robotics. You are train to conform to the systems. Taught to know enough of the system knowledge. In order to work in the modern world enslavement factories.

That was me going off. Let us get back on track. Here are 5 financial goals I should have had at 20 something. Not blaming anyone. Because I should have known better and go find it myself. My financial goals are not even that important. So, you can stop reading and go tell me in comments what you wish you knew or do in your 20’s. Assuming you are over 20.

Here are my 5 smart financial goals I wish I pursue at 20 something.

The goal to learn personal finance.

I should have started to level up with personal financial literacy. If I knew what I know now, then. I would be so far along. Sometimes you do not realize how foolish somethings are until you see the other side.

I heard quite a bit of nonsense when I was younger. Money is evil, the poor will always be poor. The rich will get richer. Christians talk about money as if it was an abominable sin. Not realizing how much these get into your subconscious and become stubborn beliefs and habits.

Thankful I am no longer brainwashed or brain dead. I am learning about money and all there is to know. I am in this to win and I am going to have money. Even if the only reason is to prove it to myself.

smart financial goals, financial goals

Setting smart financial goals towards investing money.

I started to invest on a small scale in 2019 and I am loving every minute of it. Even though I am losing money right now. Still, I am in it for the long term.

What would my life look like today, if had started to invest money in my 20’s? I certainly would be writing this from a different perspective. Or maybe someone would be writing my story. Still, no need to dwell in the past. I started and that is the important details right now. You should start right now too.

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Make saving compulsory payments towards my future.

I am sure that the only way to reach financial freedom is by saving. It is more than being an average saver. You should save in a way where you know it hurts good.

You might have been told to start a side hustle or something to be financially stable. Nothing is wrong with that. Still, it does not matter how successful you are at business. If you do not know how to save, you will be another broke person walking around. So, it is very much possible to have a successful business but broke.

smart financial goals, financial goals

Smart financial goals include emergency fund.

I regret not doing this before. You seriously do not know the importance of having an emergency fund, until all types of shit start happening. I Know from experience life happens whether you are ready or not.

The amount of stuff that happens over the last decade or so. I could have been spared the unnecessary stress. If I only knew where the money was coming from. Thank God I found a way. However, some of these experiences have leave permanent financial scars.

Never get into debt with no financial returns.

I learned a lot of lessons when I find myself with debt. That might be the only good thing about that. One the debt many of us take on is car loan. But I will tell you if you do not absolutely need a car. Do not buy it. I had to buy a car because of reasons related to work. Even though I needed it, I hated most of the time I had it.

I was constantly worried about the monthly payments. It takes a lot to maintain. It loses its value the moment you own it. There are absolutely no returns for owning a car. Apart from maybe, convenience. That also depends on where you are living. Because there is nothing fun about sitting in traffic.

Please don’t buy a car because you want to look cool. Or make friends and be apart of the crowd. That’s not smart for 2 reasons. This can damage you financially and you are allowing yourself to be emotionally abused. Just don’t buy a car if you don’t absolutely need to.

Invest your money into getting a house. Buy land. Start a business even though this can be risky. One thing to know however, win, lose or draw the experience is much more valuable and enriching than owning a car.

smart financial goals, financial goals

That is a Wrap on 5 Smart Financial Goals You Need At 20 Something Savvy Dimers.

These are 5 smart financial goals I should have put in action. However, I did not. The great thing is that I started. Which is better than panicking and not starting. Even though I am starting from scratch, I am so excited about the journey.

Any financial regret? How did you overcome it? What are your smart financial goals? How are you planning on achieving your goals? Please continue the conversation in comments below. Also, if it is not too much to ask, please share with your friends and family. You can also, give your reactions to post below with the emoji.

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