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Your Money Story 6 Mindsets Limit Opportunities For Success

Your money story will always affect how you view and use money. I was grown up in a relatively poor environment. Basic needs were mostly met.

However, things that would have positive impact in the future was sacrifice. Still, this was to make sure we were doing well in the moment. As a child I remember the struggle vividly.

My daddy had an accident at work which means he will have to stop working. This becomes permanently. He was working in a steel factory, which I think he was being pay decently. We move from the city to the countryside.

This means my dad would turn to farming and doing odd jobs for others. To be honest I don’t remember my daddy being good at farming. Still, he tried and continued to fight to provide for us.

However, all that my daddy was doing wasn’t enough. So, by this time my mother start to work living helper jobs. Which means she is away 2 weeks at a time.

Two weeks quickly becomes 4 which was really difficult for me to say the least. Still, they had to do what they did for my brothers and I to survive.  The struggle was real, and it adversely affects how I looked at life and money.

Two ways I think my struggles growing up affect my money story today. I would consider both positives and negatives. However, one has help me to turn around my mindset.

Your money story – It makes me determine at pursue my personal goals.

Growing up poor makes me realize this is not the life I want to live. This helps me to be determined to achieve my goals. Trying everything to see what works and what doesn’t.

I do this because I don’t believe something that works for one will always give the same results to another person. By no means am I where I would like to be. However, I am pushing forward, even when the odds seem to be stacked up.

My determination is not to stack up money but to find the best way to live the life I want. Not allowing money to define or defeat this is the goal. Because as a kid you thought money would solve all the problems.

However, I have come to learn it might have for somethings. Still, there are limits to how far money can help a situation. Because I realize mindset as a lot to do with the quality of life you live. So, I identify five mindset over time that I have worked on.

your money story, money story, money

Your money story – The idea that I will always be struggling.

I used to think I will always struggle because of who I am, the family I was born into and where I am from. Though I think there is some truth to the mindset. You must never allow this to define your life outcome.

This is so because we all know the system is stacked against some people. Whether we believe it or not. This is not confine to one country but the world over. However, not because there are biases, favoritism and prejudices mean I need to fit into the mold.

This kind of mindset affects your money story. By not giving you the freedom to think you can achieve what other successful people have done. Also, limits your ability to have a vision outside of your limitations. Keeping you stuck and settling for less than you can achieve.

Most of all it paralyzes your ability to invest and take practical risk with your money. Because of your experiences you just want to hold tightly to your resources. Which on multiple level does not help you build up wealth.

Your money story – The mindset that I did something wrong hence the struggle.

Have you ever gone through a few challenges and wonder at the time? If you did something wrong and paying for it. I am sure this is not unique to me. Even when you know you did nothing wrong, it’s hard to shake the mindset.

Even though life can be brutal for many of us. One thing you must keep reminding yourself, is that your struggles aren’t unique. There are people going through the same thing or something else. The difference is how each person handle their own problems. The end results are designed by the actions you take.

Still, you need to know you did nothing wrong. Life comes with joy and pain unfortunately. It may even seem that some people are targeted for hardships.

That is possible when people in position of influence have prejudice agendas and biases. However, you must push against those things. You are perfectly normal and capable of being successful, no matter the circumstances.

your money story, money story, money

Your money story – The thought that certain things are for others.

I don’t know about you, but I use to think I am not supposed to do certain things. Because it was for other people. Simple things like enjoy reading books or even considering careers that doesn’t seem manly to society. You get the impression that these things were for girls.

Unfortunately, you still get these kinds of approach in different cultures around the world. Which is sad to say the least. However, you can’t allow this mindset to hamper who you are and what you are passionate about. This also creates self perceptions that affects our money story.

Your money story – That my challenge is because I am not doing enough, or I am stupid.

How many times have you heard someone say they are stupid? Or they keep failing because they are not doing enough or doing it all wrong. The possibility of us making our situations more challenging is high.

However, sometimes it’s not your fault things doesn’t work out the way you planned. We honestly don’t know what will work or the result until we try. Still, if it doesn’t work for you. That doesn’t mean you should blame yourself.

What I have come to understand is that life happen in stages and seasons. Which mean sometimes you will never know what will happen at different stages. Things not turning out the way you expected doesn’t mean you didn’t do enough.

Neither because you think you are stupid or doing it wrong. It’s just not your time and it’s not your fault. It’s easier for us to blame ourselves, in order to get some kind closure.

However, it might have nothing to do with whatever you do or didn’t do. It’s possible you do the same thing another time and you totally different results. So, don’t sweat it.

your money story, money story, money

Your money story – Breaking the idea that having money is success.

One of the biggest mindsets that I had to break was thinking the amount of money you have measure your success. However, I have learned success means different things to different people.

When you go through hardships you see money has the solution. When it’s not. As I said before it solves somethings but is limited on some. I am realizing no amount of money gives joy or guarantee satisfaction. These things are all apart of success for me.

I see success as living what I enjoy doing and sharing the joy with other people. This makes me realize I am not necessarily looking for money. Instead I am looking for satisfaction and joy of which money cannot guarantee. This helps me refocus my energy into things that satisfying.

Not allowing money to be the driving force behind what I do. Sometimes it will be a struggle financially but if I am happy doing what I do, that’s okay. Life isn’t all about having a lot of money.

Even though money would be great to have, in order to help a lot more people. Still life is so much simpler and less stressful when you are satisfied with enough.

That’s a Wrap On Your Money Story Savvy Dimers.

One of the biggest things I have learned from growing up with lack. Is to appreciate the small things and that money is not the answer to my success. What’s your money story and how has it reshaped how you see money.

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